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The Rapid City and Area Community Fund
  • Permanent endowment fund that sits under the Brandon Area Community Foundation.
  • Provides funding for RAPID CITY and AREA community projects.

Upcoming Events
If you have an upcoming event, an announcement or a news story that you'd like to share with others feel free to send it to us at rapidcitygarry@gmail.com

Every Tuesday - Garbage Day (Unless otherwise notified below)

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Recent Announcements and News

Recent Announcements and News has been removed from this site in favor of the Rapid City, Manitoba Facebook group.  Unfortunately you are required to have a Facebook account to view.  It is NOT a requirement to be a member of the group to view posts.  Members of the group will however have new posts to the page show up in their Newsfeed and will also be able to add posts and make comments.  To view or if you would like to join the group click the link below and click on the join group button.