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2015 Rapid City and Area Phone Directory

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The Rapid City and Area Lions Club are gathering information for the 2015 phone directory to be ready for distribution before the New Year.  We need your help in putting this together.  
So if you:
-are new to the area and your phone is not listed in the current MTS phone directory, call us.
-would like your cell phone listed, call us.
-would like your business name and number listed, call us.
Contact Lion Ken at 204-826-2891 or Lion Dan at 204-826-2647 (Please leave a message if there is no answer)


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Donations Received For Rapid City School Play Structure Replacement

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The play structure at the Rapid City School needs to be replaced. It has been slotted to be removed sometime in the near future. While the School Division will help out with some of the costs associated with a new play structure, it is the Parent Group’s responsibility to raise the required funds for the actual equipment to be purchased. As a result of this the Rapid City Parent Group has formed a committee that is fundraising to put a new playground in its place. This new playground will be for the whole community to enjoy.

Within the Rapid City area we are proud to say that we have received some generous support from several local people, farms and service groups:

  • The Rapid City and Area Lions Club have generously donated $5000.

  • The Brandon Area Community Foundation awarded the playground committee with a $2500 grant. In partnership with this foundation is the Rapid City Area Community Fund which also donated $2500 which in combination the two foundations gave a total of $5000.

  • Monsanto awarded $2500 to the new playground.

  • With other donations from the Town of Rapid City, individuals, local farms and our fundraising campaigns we are approximately 1/3 of our way to our financial goal.

The Rapid City Parent Group and Playground Committee would like to extend a sincere thank you for all the generous donations that have been received so far through people and groups and various fundraisers within the community. This new playground will make a wonderful new addition to our community for years to come.

(Presentation from the Rapid City and Area Lions Club at the School Christmas Concert.  Ryan Nevin receiving a donation from Lions club Members Dan Quenelle, Amber Houle, and Glenn Dyck.)

A King is Born

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Trivia Night

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Old Fashioned Family Christmas

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