posted Jun 8, 2012, 7:46 AM by Garry Jones

The Museum committee is so pleased to invite everyone to “MEET THE MUSEUM” beginning at 11:00am on July 1st – Canada Day and going till 1:00pm.  We will be having an old-fashioned picnic consisting of hot dogs and lemonade and if you are so inclined you can cook your own hotdog over an open flame – or have it done on the barbeque if you would rather!!! 

We are planning on having a car show including special interest vehicles such as tractors, motorcycles, trucks, etc. If you are interested in bringing a vehicle or would like more information on the car show, please contact Sue Armstrong at 826-2969.  You can also just show up sometime between 10:00am and 11:00am for set up purposes. 

We are also planning some old fashioned games for the kids and some trivia pictures for the adults – let’s see if you can guess who is in the picture!  It was funny, while we were planning different activities; there was some reminiscing about the lawn bowling that used to take place on the grounds.  We may not do lawn bowling, but Bocce ball sounds fun!!

All of this is free (although donations are gratefully accepted) and all donations will go towards the Rapid City Museum renovations. 

Speaking of the renovations, we would like to say a big thanks to everyone who has responded to our letter/email/flyer campaign.  We have put all the letters that came with donations in a scrapbook and I bet there are lots of names that everyone will recognize.  Upon reading some of the notes, it is amazing how much “the old school” and the community of Rapid City mean to a lot of our former citizens.  It made me wonder if the kids of today would have the same sentiment – but given that we have already had a few of the younger generation offer their help with restoring the building I would say that there is that same sentiment.  That is the most encouraging of all!

Our ultimate goal is to make the museum building a functional building, meaning a year round building that would contain more than just a museum.  We, as a committee, have come up with a variety of ideas but we aren’t content to be the only big thinkers, so we need your input as well.  If you have an idea or ideas that you would like to add to the list, please contact anyone on the Board. 

Speaking of the Board, we would like to thank Joan Garbutt for her contribution.  She has stepped down due to other commitments.  I feel like the Beatles song Hello Goodbye should be playing in the background, because we welcome Margo Eckberg to our Board to take Joan’s place.  The rest of our Board consists of Lenny DeSchutter, Myrna Bayes, Neil Wilson, Lisa Kingdon, Sue Armstrong, Kellea Quennelle, Mary Phillips, and Shirley Martin. 

Hope to see you all on Canada Day!!!