Terry Fox Run 2010 - Results

posted Sep 28, 2010, 5:11 PM by Garry RapidCity

An amazing amount for our wee town and few dedicated supporters. $2589, that is up almost $600 from last year. We had 29 walkers, 6 helpers and lots of donations on site.  

The day was just right for walking, not too hot, our water boys Art and Roy did not have much demand for water.  

Lots of Terry Fox shirts were in evidence, the “blue team” looked terrific in their matching shirts. Jaquie Esplin, Shirley and Rowena Martin, Jolanda and Alicia van Meijl have always been great supporters. Art Brown got home from Afghanistan just in time to walk with his daughter Amber and grandkids, Danielle, Joey and Trace. They brought in lots of money, who could refuse those cute kids a pledge! Bette Hyndman celebrated her 81st birthday and her 30th walk with her family. Everyone returned to the Drop In for cookies, cold drinks and a visit. Trace Houle was our youngest walker and Helen Claridge was the oldest. Clarence Michie won the T shirt. Thanks Lions club for the donation. Thanks to all who took part, made cookies or helped with the registration.