Our Mission Statement - Promote community prosperity through the exchange of information & ideas while fostering kinship and a sense of identity.

The Rapid City Community Chamber is a group of people who are community minded and/or are involved in business or other community groups around the town or surrounding area.

We work together to help keep Rapid City and area a viable option to operate a business.  We also try to maintain the high quality lifestyle for the residence and visitors of Rapid City by helping to organize events that keep our community active.

Our Events

  • Town wide yard sale.
  • Old Fashion Family Christmas
    • Christmas Market
    • Kids Show
    • Bonfires for wiener roast
    • Sleigh Rides
    • Christmas Caroling
  • Trivia Nights
  • Judge for top 3 floats in the Ag. Society Parade

What Else Does Chamber Do

In The Past

  • We have helped out with such events as the Amazing Race, Centennial, Damsite Days, Canada Day celebrations...