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Rapid City & District Chamber of Commerce

C/O Hannah Bryce

Box 238

Rapid City, MB   R0K 1W0

June 20, 2017


Dear Friends,


I am contacting you on behalf of the RC Chamber of Commerce. First I want to thank you for your continued support of our Farmer’s Market in the past. Without the support of vendors like you, we would not be a success.

We have made some changes to the Farmer’s Market this year and they are as follows:

1.       First market is on July 13, 2017 and last is on September 14, 2017. This makes for a ten week market season.

2.       We have made a couple of changes to the pricing for the market.

a.        First market table rental will be waived (free).

b.        If you rent a table for the remaining 9 weeks, the total cost of the table rental for the season would be $80 or $10 for each individual week.

c.       Tables that we provide are 4 feet long and they are adjustable in height.

It is important that if you decide to have a table at the market, you let me know as early as possible so that I am able to plan some advertising about what it is you will be offering.

Should you be interested or if you need more information I may be reached at the following numbers:

Home (leave message) 204-328-7701

Work 204-826-2667. You may also reach me by email and by mail (address stated above).

Once again thank you for your support, and I hope to hear from you soon.


Hannah Bryce

Rapid City & District Chamber of Commerce




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