The Rural Municipality of Saskatchewan is a municipality encompassing 6 Townships located north of the City of Brandon off of PTH # 10.

The administration office is located in the Town of Rapid City. Contact information is as follows:

Lois Sharpe, Chief Administrative Officer

Rural Municipality of Saskatchewan
435 – 3rd Avenue, P.O. Box 9
Phone: 204-826-2515
Fax: 204-826-2274
Rapid City, MB R0K 1W0

Office hours:                                                         Monday to Thursday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Friday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 


Reeve - Robert Sharpe 

Ward 1 - Everett Olson 

Ward 2 - W. Kaye Wolstenholme 

Ward 3 - Terry Drebit 

Ward 4 - Edward (Ted) Rudneski 

Ward 5 - Clayton Wareham 

Ward 6 - Chris Brown

About Us

Community Narrative

The Rural Municipality of Saskatchewan is a municipality encompassing 6 Townships located North of the City of Brandon off of PTH # 10. Activities in the municipality are predominantly agricultural with some small/ light manufacturing conducted from farm sites or small holdings. The R.M. has one “urban” area being the Townsite of Basswood (approximately 40 residences). Services are provided by surrounding communities: Brandon (South) Rivers (SW), Minnedosa (East), Oak River(NW), Newdale (North) and Rapid City (located within the municipality at 20-13-19WPM).

Community Statistics


Administration and Operator Employees

The Municipality employs one full time office staff member; a Chief Administrative Office and a casual Administrative Assistant, as well as two full time machine operators.

Chief Administrative Officer – Lois Sharpe

Machine Operator & Foreman - Melvin Alex
Mel was hired by the Rural Municipality of Saskatchewan in 1991.

Machine Operator  - John Inglis 
John was hired by the Rural Municipality of Saskatchewan in 2009.

Community Wells

The Rural Municipality of Saskatchewan has five community wells which provide residents with non-treated water only.  They are located at:

NW of 17-15-20

N of NE 14-13-20

E of NE 15-13-20

S of SW 24-13-20

SE 23-14-19

Custom Work

If you require custom work in the form of snow clearing or road grading, please contact the office (826-2515) and leave a message of what you would like done along with your name and property description.  Please note that our municipal roads are priority and custom work will only be done only if time permits.

In the event of a snow storm, Provincial roads are plowed first, followed by School bus routes, all other municipal roads and then lanes will be cleared according to the messages left on the answering machine.

Ratepayers have 30 days to pay, in the event the account stays outstanding for 90 days, the amount will be added to taxes.

Custom rates are as follows:

  • Grader $30.00 per quarter hour.   
  • Tractor &; Mower $95.00 per hour.
  • Dozer $125.00 per hour.

These rates are set by Council Resolution and are subject to change. Please contact the municipal office for current rates.Custom Work

Garbage and Recycling

The Waste Facility is located just North of the Town of Rapid City off of P.R. # 270.   There is no garbage or recycling pick-up in the municipality, all residents must haul their waste/recycling to the facility or hire a local hauler.

Hours of operation are:

Summer Hours - April 1st to October 15th
Mondays             4:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Wednesdays       2:00 pm - 6:30 pm
Saturdays           10:00 am - 12:00 noon
                          1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Winter Hours - October 16th to March 31st
Wednesdays     1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Saturdays          10:00 am - 12:00 noon
                         1:00 pm - 5:00 pm 

There is no burning at the site and no disposal of livestock, hazardous waste, or liquid waste.      

Recycling is very much encouraged.   The recycling facility is located on the corner of Highway # 270 and # 24.   The facility if open 7days a week, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  (Please separate your recycling prior to delivery to the facility).

 Click to view the guidelines for MPSC Materials

Accepted Recycling

PAPER: All newsprint, magazines, flyers, writing paper, post-it notes, loose leaf paper, art & craft paper, cards, file folders, coupons, kleenex boxes, kraft dinner boxes, paper towel/toilet paper rolls, juice boxes, envelopes, catalogs, paper egg cartons, phone books, calendars, books (hard & soft covers), paper bags, cardboard boxes, and cereal boxes. (No dirty pizza boxes or other contaminated products).

PLASTIC: Pop/water/juice bottles, milk jugs, margarine tubs & lids, ice cream pails, shampoo bottles, peanut butter jars, lotion/mouthwash bottles, dog food bags, salad dressing bottles, bread bags, asprin bottles, film canisters, ketchup/mustard bottles, yogurt cups, and all other containers containing this symbol. (Rinsed - lids removed).

GLASS: Spaghetti sauce jars, pickle jars, cheese whiz jars and all colors of bottles and jars. (NO LIGHT BULBS PLEASE!)

ALUMINUM/TIN: Pop, soup and coffee cans. (Rinsed – labels are allowed)

COMMON ITEMS YOU CAN'T RECYCLE: Plastic bags, cellophane, household hazardous waste (bleach containers, etc.), aluminum foil, foil pie plates, foam egg cartons, foam meat trays, light bulbs, drinking glasses, christmas wrapping paper.

General Information

Dust Control

The Municipality will coordinate dust control in the Spring with the cost of the application charged to the  resident.   Residents are also free to contact local suppliers and purchase the product themselves.  The RM would be willing to provide surface preparation for these individuals with enough advanced notice.

Ratepayers who live on Provincial Roads (PR # 270, # 355) in the RM, are able to receive dust control through the Highways Department.  For more information on this program, please contact the Department of Transportation at (204) 726-6800.

Crop Burning

Manitoba's controlled burning program allows any individual to burn crop residue (this includes straw, stubble, or chaff from any crop, including baled or stacked crop material and the remains of any un-harvested crop), as long as common sense is used.

Manitoba Agriculture regulates which day our municipality is allowed to burn and between what hours. You must contact them directly via a toll-free number (1-800-265-1233) or the internet ( to see if burning is authorized on a particular day (Saskatchewan is in the Northwest Region).

If burning is authorized, only burn within the hours specified, ensure fires are supervised at all times, ensure the area has been adequately fire guarded to prevent spread of fire, and ensure smoke will not create unreasonable hazard to people's health or highway safety.

Fire Departments

The Rural Municipality of Saskatchewan has agreements for fire protection with the Town of Rapid City for  all of  Townships 13 & 14 Ranges 19 & 20, the Town of Minnedosa for Township 15 - Range 19 and the Rural Municipality of Harrison for Township 15 - Range 20.

Weed Control

Each municipality is required by provincial statutes or municipal by-laws to enforce the control of noxious and restricted weeds within their boundaries.  To report a weed problem, please call your councillor.  Each councillor is a weed inspector for their ward.  Landowners are encouraged to control their own weed population.

Ownership Maps

Ownership maps are available at the office for $12.00 (black and white) and $15.00 (color) each. Updates are done annually.

If you are a resident of the R.M. and would like your name removed from the map, a letter requesting the removal must be submitted to the office. However, all information in our office is open to the public and buyers of the map are still able to look up the landowners name from the tax assessment roll.

Lottery Licenses

If you are planning a draw, raffle, bingo or any type of lottery which involves a cost to enter or play and a prize of cash or an article of value will be awarded, you need a license.

What you need
You will need to complete an application form which is provided from the R.M. Office. This application form requires the name of your organization, what the proceeds are for, value of the prize, closing date for the sale of tickets, number of tickets printed and the application must be signed by a member of the board.

License Fee?
A $2.00 fee is charged.

For any lottery that has a gross revenue of over $5,000.00, you must contact the Manitoba Gaming Control Commission (1-800-782-0363) and obtain a license from them. The MGCC also requires an application form be completed, but requires 4 to 6 weeks to process and charges a fee of 1.5% of the actual gross revenue.


There are a total of 5 cemeteries within the Rural Municipality of Saskatchewan, most of which are privately owned and maintained. These include; Basswood Cemetery, Pettapiece Cemetery, Cadurcis Cemetery, Rapid City Cemetery and the Newdale Cemetery.


Provincial Legislation requires that the municipality bill and collect taxes on behalf of the Province and local School Division for education purposes, as well as municipal taxes in order to provide essential services to the Municipality.
Taxes are calculated from January - December, with the due date being October of each year - due October 29, 2010.

Methods of Payment

In PersonPayments of cash or cheque may be made at the Municipal Office between 9:00 am   and 4:30 pm Monday to Thursday and 9:00 am and 4:00 Fridays.   Please note payments by credit card or debit card are not accepted.

Mail: Send a cheque or money order payable to the Rural Municipality of Saskatchewan along with the bottom detachable portion of your tax bill. The envelope must be postmarked by Canada Post on or before October 31st, to avoid penalty. Mail to: R.M. of Saskatchewan, Box 9, Rapid City, Manitoba R0K 1W0

Post-Dated Cheques: Post-dated cheques dated for the due date or earlier are acceptable.


The Rural Municipality of Saskatchewan does not offer any discounts for pre-payment of taxes.
Penalties on amounts left outstanding after October 31st  are calculated at 1.25% per month.

Manitoba Homeowners Rebate

If you are a Manitoba resident who pays more than $250 in taxes in a year on the property you reside on, you are entitled to a Manitoba Education Property Tax Credit (EPTC).

The credit for 2009 is $650.

There are three ways to claim the EPTC if you are entitled to receive it.

1.       Automatically: The vast majority of homeowners automatically receive the basic credit as a reduction on their municipal property tax bills.

2.       By application: In a few cases, homeowners may not receive the EPTC Advance automatically. This may be the case if you have only recently moved into your house. If the EPTC Advance is not on your property tax bill, and you have lived in the residence since at least January 1 of the current year, you can submit an application until November 15 for the reduction prior to the time when the property taxes are due. Upon approval of your application, you will be able to pay your current property taxes minus the EPTC Advance. After November 15, you may claim your credit on your income tax return. For an application, see the "forms" section of this website.

3.       On your income tax return: The EPTC can be claimed on the Manitoba portion of you income tax return.

Address Changes

It is important that our office be notified as soon as possible whenever there is a change of address to ensure that the tax statements are properly forwarded to the property owner. Failure to receive a tax statement does not excuse an owner from not paying the tax account by the due date or associated penalties.

Village of Basswood

Basswood is a tiny community of approximately 50 people.  These residents take great pride in the tidiness and appearance of their village.  The Basswood Community Hall provides a venue for many community activities.  It is a great place to live and raise a family.

Celebration 125

The Town of Rapid City and RM of Saskatchewan had a successful 125th Anniversary celebration the weekend of August 1-4, 2008

A total of 1024 people registered with many events held. Some of these events included:

  • Silent auction and car rally
  • Veteran power point presentation
  • Heritage fair displays
  • Banquets and entertainment
  • Jam session with local talent performing
  • Drama presentation
  • Cowboy poets
  • Fireworks
  • Pancake breakfasts
  • Parade
  • Opening ceremonies with dignitaries present
  • Kid's Carnival
  • Genealogy seminar
  • Garden tour
  • Dedication of the Reg Hamnent Fish Ladder
  • Grand opening of the Rapid City Historical Walking Trail
  • Non-denominational church service
  • 125th anniversary church service at Cadurcis Unit Church
  • Sod turning ceremony for the library expansion
  • Volleyball and family baseball tournament
  • Party in the parking lot at the Queen's Hotel

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make this celebration such a success!

In 1983 the Rural Municipality of Saskatchewan undertook a centennial
project of marking all rural school sites within the municipality. Below
are the names and locations of these schools. A stone cairn was erected
at each site and they still stand today. In 2008, the 125th anniversary
of the municipality, these cairns will to be refurbished and surrounding
areas trimmed and mowed.

McBride School
Dist. No. 558 
1889 – 1964 
Oldale School 
Dist. No. 265
1883 – 1949
Weir School 
Dist. No. 448
1884 – 1955
71 years of Learning
Erected 1983
Winterton School 
Dist. No. 716
1892 – 1916
Moline School 
Dist. No. 543
1889 – 1966
77 Years of Learning
Erected 1983
Cadurcis School
Dist. No. 179
1883 – 1916
Little Saskatchewan
School Dist. No. 134
1882 – 1963
Basswood School
Dist. No. 1252
1903 – 1916
1917 – 1969
Oakleigh School
Dist. No. 914
1902 – 1963
In Memory Pioneers Of Tremaine
S. D. No. 502
1887 – 1968
Rosemount School
Dist. No. 319
1883 – 1917
St. Andrews Church
Presbyterian 1893 – 1925
United 1925 – 1950
Cardale Cairn located at NE 19-15-20W was erected in 1942 to honor the
memories of four RCAF flyers killed in a crash June 9, 1942 while on a
training mission.